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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Shopping Trips Today

(you cant see the 2 packages of hotdogs and a female item behind the veet that normally runs for 14.99..LOL :)  )
I have to start taking better
(oh and missing the butterfinger chocolate :) & 2 6 pack bottles of Mountain Dew oops!LOL)
Just about everything pictured are deals that I posted about the other day. I stack my coupons so that when I get to the stores I have them ready.  I always stack some extras just in case they are out of some of the deals I posted about.
Well I set out today to work and only spend $25.00 for shopping
My out of pocket for today was:
(without coupons it would have cost me-115.49)
I have 2 rebates one for the Schick Hydro & a Rite Aid Rebate(SCR) for the Old Spice.
After rebates I spent 16.90..Not bad..
I needed
toilet paper(5.49)
Dog Food(7.49)on sale usually 9.99
the Dr. Schol's insoles (for Hubby)(11.99)
Everything else was a bonus!
If I had just bought those items today I would have paid 28.66..
That's Why I USE coupons!..LOL...
(I went to Target,Walgreens,Rite Aid, and Farm Fresh-all these stores are within a 5 miles radius)
Walgreens was out of most of the deals I posted but will check other Walgreens in Portsmouth while working tomorrow....No biggy I just look for other items..LOL


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