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Sunday, June 13, 2010

What to do with all those restaurant coupons etc...

Okay so I tell you to print all these great coupons from Macy's,Kohl's,Old Navy Oh MY! but then do you use them?? Do they just sit on your desk?
Okay so Im asking from experience
Buy a small coupon binder like this one

Each of these usually come with ABC divider stickers..

file your coupons by alphabetical order

Make sure you put everything in there.  You never know when you might drive by a place with the girls or hubby says hey that place looks good!

I put everything in here thats not regular grocery coupons.  I check all the mail and file everything ..then it gets thrown into my coupon bag or purse every morning and off we go(yes I forget it many times,Im human!..LOL)
But there is my idea on how you can  start using all those coupons you get..
oh and while I was filling the NEX coupons.....
The Macy's coupon expires the 16th..LOL


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