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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Check out a fellow Blogger CkippinWithCarrie for some great Extreme Couponing How Tos

(original artwork from clippinwithcarrie blog!)
One of the blogs that I follow on a regular basis, had some wonderful tips and know hows to share.  I wanted to post those here so that you can visit her wonderful blog.  I hope by doing this many out there will start saving tons.  I also hope that by being able to save so much you can also take a few of your items to the local food banks to share your good fortune with others.  The Holidays are fast approaching and I feel good when I can send several bags of food to a food bank...I also feel good that knowing we dont have tons of money coming in that I can send these items knowing that I didnt break our bank either!
Check out ClippinwithCarrie for some wonderful how tos!


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