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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Digital Help from a Great Blog!!

Awesome Post from Hip2Save!!
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So how many of you have apps (i.e. software that runs on mobile internet-enabled devices) on your mobile phone?! I would guess that most of you have one or more apps that you use for educational or entertainment purposes or maybe to assist you with budgeting, grocery shopping and/or couponing. Did you know that at the start of this year, there were more than 500,000 mobile apps for consumer and business use?! Yikes! That’s a HUGE number!

Mobile Coupons

* Coupon Sherpa

(Free for iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad)

Coupon Sherpa is the first mobile version of printable coupons, but without the paper! This app delivers to your phone coupons, shopping offers, and sales based on your location. Coupons can be redeemed in the store, but not online. The app doesn’t include high-value manufacturer coupons like the ones you clip from the Sunday newspaper although there may be coupons you can use for groceries at stores like WalMart or Target. Most of the coupons are for big retailers like ToyRUs, Office Max, and Old Navy. The app is generally geared to coupons for toys, clothing, and books – with a limited selection of grocery coupons.

* Mobiqpons

(Free for iPhone & Android)

This app offers the same features as Coupon Sherpa. You can also search for deals or coupons in locations other than your hometown area. In addition, you can track offers from your favorite stores, save coupons for later use, and email and share with your friends.

* Cellfire’s Mobile Coupons

(Free for iPhone & Android)

Have you ever arrived at your local grocery store only to realize that you have left your stash of coupons at home? That may no longer be an issue with the January 2011 launch of location-targeted mobile grocery coupons app from Cellfire. Now, instead of browsing through the newspaper for coupons to clip, you can opt to receive a real-time alert on your mobile device of the coupons available to you, as you enter the grocery store itself. Drawbacks to this app: The number of available coupons is limited, and the CellFire app currently only works with a small number of participating grocery stores (Krogers, Kroger, King Soopers, Smith’s, Frys, Vons, & Ralphs). In addition, Cellfire coupons do not double, and you can only use a coupon once.

* Shopkick

(Free for iPhone & Android)

Shopkick is a FREE location-based shopping app that gives you rewards and offers simply for walking into stores, for scanning products, and for signing up friends. Most recently, Shopkick offered its members a one-day only coupon good for 40% of any pair of jeans at American Eagle Outfitters…you can check out more about this app and this recent offer in the post here.

Loyalty Cards in One Place – on Your Phone!

* Key Ring

(Free for iPhone & Android)

Tired of carrying all those loyalty cards around? Use Key Ring to scan & store your existing loyalty cards, enroll in new loyalty programs, and access exclusive discounts. When you’re at checkout, all you have to do is show your phone to the cashier! In addition, this app provides coupons and special offers from your favorite retailers.
Grocery Shopping List

* Grocery IQ

(Free for iPhone & iPod Touch, iPad and Android)

This grocery shopping app lets you create your grocery list from a database of more than 130,000 items by speaking or typing the items needed into your phone. You can also instantly find coupons and review grocery products while cruising down the grocery aisle. However, if you like to track costs and maintain multiple shopping lists, you’re out of luck with this app.

* Grocery Guru

(Free for iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad)

GroceryGuru is a grocery shopping app that comes with many helpful features. It allows you to create and save multiple shopping lists and check the items off in the store with one tap. You can assemble your list from a variety of preloaded items or create your own custom items. Items can be sorted and listed alphabetically or by category. This app includes a store finder which enables you to view store details and get directions to the store. Upcoming features: Ability to share lists, an “Add Notes” area, and a companion web app that will sync phone, desktop, and iPad to allow access and editing of a shopping list from any device.

Find the Cheapest Price for an Item

* Google Shopper

(Free for iPhone, iPod Touch, & Android)

This app enables you to use your phone as a barcode scanner & a price comparison tool. EX: You’re at a bookstore & want to do a price comparison on a certain book. You can scan the barcode of the book, take a picture of the cover, or speak the title of the book into the phone, and Google Shopper will search the web to see where the cheapest book is located, both offline and online! This app also shows you product reviews on items you are thinking about buying.

* RedLaser

(Free for iPhone & iPod Touch and Android)

RedLaser technology is an app designed around eBay’s reselling site, but it also uses product results from Google, eBay, and others. You can take a picture of a bar code on a product and then scan’s inventory to find price points on new and used items there. Then you can actually buy them through the app and share the details of your purchase on Facebook or Twitter.

* ShopSavvy

(Free for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad and Android)

With ShopSavvy, you can find items by either typing them on your phone keyboard or using the camera to scan the bar code. This app gives you the cheapest local or online price. For local products, you can get map directions, visit the store’s website, or call the store. For online products, you can visit the store’s website or share product details using Facebook or Twitter. You can also compare user reviews, add an item to your wish list, or set a price alert to notify you when an item drops below a certain price. This app keeps a history of items you’ve scanned. Drawbacks of ShopSavvy: The bar code scanner relies on the product having a bar code, and it won’t scan in dim light. In addition, ShopSavvy doesn’t work with grocery items and all local merchants.

Track your Spending & Create a Budget

* iXpenselt

($4.99 for iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad)

A very handy app that allows you to record your expenses as you incur them so you can easily track your daily spending. With iXpenselt, you can create a budget and customize reports that show you where your money is being spent based on category (i.e., groceries, take-out food, fuel for your car, household utilities). You can even store receipts on your phone – using your phone’s camera. There’s also a free version of this app, but it has limited features.

Earn Money using your Phone!

* Field Agent

(Free for iPhone)

This app pays YOU if you are willing to accept and complete simple tasks (like taking a photo directly from your phone or filling out a survey)!

Snag a Free App that typically Costs $

* Free App for a Day (FAAD)

(Free for iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad and Android)

Worth checking out for applications and games that typically have a cost attached. FAAD goes to work and asks developers to make their app free for a day.


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