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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Get Ready...Good for Hurricane Season Too!!

"We have 72 hour kits that have granola bars, cookies, clothes, diapers, wipes, formula, cups, water in packets, and water in bottles, Hand sanitizer, cake icing tubes (cheap/good glucose for a diabetic), neosporin, pain medicine for adults and chewables for kids, band-aids, emergency blankets, rain poncho, Rayovac batteries, a lantern with batteries, and a flashlight with batteries. Each person in our family has their own backpack. Every so often we update them with new food, water, clothes and anything else in need. This way we have them on hand – either at home or on the road. Matt’s parents set this all up for us and gave this to us as a Christmas present to the family. Each person got one."
*Taken from AThriftyMom Site*

Thank You for Sharing this FANTASTIC IDEA!!!  AThriftyMom!!
I keep Water and snacks in the car for me because I drive everywhere but this will be my next
pack up for the car.....You just never know!!


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